Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Almost there

Had my chemo teaching class today! Another one of those appointments that hurt the brain. Way to much info. I will have chemo once every 3 wks for the next 5 months. Each chemo session will range from 4-5 hrs. Each chemo session will be followed with an injection the following day. Blood work will be done every 14 days. My port will need to be flushed every 4wks.
I had my first big bill at Walgreens today $111.70. WOOOOOOO I'm a drugee! KIDDING!!  They are starting me off with 6 prescriptions. Dexamethasone,Ondansetron,Nystatin, Lorazepam, Famotidine and Prochorperazine. These will be used to treat nausea, vomiting. Relieve anxiety and cause drowsiness so I may sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gotta have that. A histamine blocker to prevent ulcers. Something to prevent fungal infections of the mouth. One is a steroid.  There is one other that I can't remember what it is for. I'm sure it will help do something and I'll suffer from every side effect it has and then I'll need a pill to help with those symptoms. UGH! What a pain in the boob!

Went to go check out the Pink Heals pink fire truck today. It was very touching. Took some pictures and got to sign the truck. Check it out @

As most of you know my first Chemo session will be Thursday 9/2. AHHHHHHHH its getting closer. The biggest hurdle is just around the corner.Yep I'm gonna say it again "the hair thing". I'm sure your all tired of hearing about it. So many people say O its hair it'll grow back. Its not that easy people. I picked up a short hair styles magazine today. TEAR! Theres some cute ones but I'm gonna be in hysterics. Maybe a hair party would make this easier. I don't know! Maybe if everyone I knew shaved their head it would be easier. HINT HINT!!! Mmmmmhm O yeah I don't see to many of you jumping at the opportunity. LOL!  I'm planning on getting the new do either tomorrow or Friday as I don't have much time. I will start to loose my hair approx 10-14 days after my first chemo session. So that would mean sometime between 9/12-9/16. Can you tell that I'm not at all freaked out by this. I think if I sat and thought about it long enough I could figure out the exact moment it will happen. And somehow convince myself that I have a the power to change it. Ugh I'm gonna drive myself to be crazy with this.
I'm already crazy but you know what I mean :)

So I'm starting to notice the effect this has had on the kids. Mariana came home the other day screaming Oh NOOOOOO! I had two wigs sitting on the kitchen table and she had a cow. She screamed to me up stairs MOOOOOOOM your not wearing these! I started laughing and explained to her that very soon I will not have hair and I will need something. She also expressed how she hated every hair cut in the magazine and how ugly she thought they were. She cringes at the sight of my port as the incision has still not healed. In the last couple days its really taken a toll on Christian. He asked me the other night if he could put up some pictures on his mirror in his room. Of course I said yes. Next thing I know he must of went in the basement and brought up a box of pictures I had stored away. The three of them were laughing and pulling out pictures form this old raggedy box. Some of those pictures were 10- 14 yrs old. TEAR!!! Chris had even found some of him and my mom. (RIP) Ugh it was so very hard to hold back the emotions. I also had a mom of one of Chris's good friends call to let me know she thought Chris was very worried and bothered by the situation. She said Chris had verbally shared concern of getting cancer himself and seems to very scared about it. Poor kid. He watched his grandma deteriorate and pass from the disease and now I have almost the same thing. He asked me the other day So what does this mean for me? Unfortunately I have no answer for him as there is no cure for this awful disease. Once I get back my genetic testing results I will know more and have a better way to comfort his fears. The same fears I have lived with for the past 10 yrs. SAD SAD SAD!  Enrique doesn't understand. He's just to little but he has been extra needy its like he kinda knows. He said to me last week Mommy why you go to sleep and stay there?  In other words Why the heck are ya sleeping all the time?  And then theres Jesse the biggest kid of them all. Such a goof ball. Always saying the stupidist things. For example: He thought he would offer to anyone who's interested free breast examinations as he was the founder of my lovely lady lump. LOL! hahahahahahaha!

Love you all and Thanks for all of the support. Keep it coming as my journey has only just begun.  


  1. Oh Mandy! You are such a great Mom/Wife/Friend! Your strength is inspiring and your sense of humor is amazing! You will win this fight!

  2. When I started to loose my hair, I had a Glavey shave party with my kids and husband - they all had a chance to cut and shave my head. Check out my pict. of FB.

  3. Hey Mandy - I totally understand your feelings about your hair, it's part of the make-up of you. But just think - you will get to try out different styles you normally never would've, right! The bright side, you just wake up in the morning, and decide what doo you want, and put it on your head! Low maintenance! Gotta find the fun in it, right!

    I will be thinkin about you tomorrow, your in my prayers. If your runnin late, give me a call, Mariana is welcome to come over after the bus, and I can get her to cheer. DON'T STRESS ABOUT THAT STUFF, THAT'S WHY WE ARE HERE! XOXOXO Kim

  4. The hair is a big thing for any woman going thru what you're
    about to do. I completely understand. An Interesting thing to think about when it starts to grow back is that it could be completely different than what you had. I had several patients who's hair grew back in ringlets prior to poker straight hair and I had a patient who had light brown hair and it grew back a beautiful deep red. Most incredible color i've ever seen! So keep that in mind. Maybe you'll get blonde ringlets!! Good luck to you and may God hold you in his hands during your entire journey!!
    In my prayers, Deby Dato

  5. Mandy,
    I read all of this and I cried. I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this. I hope everything turns out to be okay in the end. I know you're a strong girl and you will get through it.