Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plan B

So my back to work plan. NOT gonna work :(  They have already done the schedule for the next 2 weeks and can't guarantee they will have any open shifts on the next schedule. And by the schedule after that I'll be running into my surgery date. Sooooooooo change in plans yet again. Can't go back to work so I'll go back to working out! I'm gonna try and get into shape here. We went to the zoo on Sunday we were there for 5 hrs. I think I walked 10 miles. And yesterday I ran/ walked with the dog. Mowed the lawn this afternoon and am going to tempt to do 3 miles after dinner. My brother got me a membership to the YMCA so I think I'm gonna start going while Enrique is in school.

Been feeling GREAT lately. I've been sleeping better since I've been active I think I've been physically exhausting myself. My skin is really bad lately I've been breaking out everywhere. I've had a lot of nose bleeds and the pleasure of experiencing chemo brain. Chemo brain slang for cognitive deficits. Symptoms can include: short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating, difficulty retrieving words and difficulty organizing and planning. Chemo brain can last up to a year after chemo. No one knows what specifically causes it, but I am grateful just to know that my scary mental retard moments are artificially induced.......................... What was I saying???? LOL!

Its been 12 days since my first chemo treatment and so far no hair issues.:)  Of course I chopped my hair and nothings happened yet. It could be one in a million and I'd be the ONE! I'd be the one who's hair doesn't fall out. I wish I wouldn't have cut it. I should have waited. I HATE this length hair. I finally liked my hair for the first time in years and now I cut it and hate it. Its not freaking fallen out. So frustrating. I obviously have mixed feelings on this. Don't want it to fall out but now I'm pissed its not. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! And then when it does happen I'll be pissed it happened. This is a loose loose situation.

So I have a interesting little story for ya.......... (hang in there with me theres a point to it)

Long ago in a tiny village, there was a place called the House of a Thousand Mirrors. A little dog decided to visit the house. He was an unhappy dog, and his natural expression was a cross between a scowl and a sneer. As he entered the large house, he saw a thousand mean and scary looking dogs staring back at him. He immediately backed away and let out a low growl to protect himself, and, just as he did, all one thousand of the mean dogs growled back at him. Of course he ran out of the house immediately and thought "What a terrible place that is. I'll never go back there again." Not long afterward, another dog decided to visit the house. As he approached, he saw how beautiful and inviting it looked and couldn't wait to go inside. He smiled and wagged his tail in anticipation of his adventure. As he pushed open the door, he was greeted by a thousand dogs with wagging tails and big smiles approaching him. Of course he was thrilled; he had a thousand new friends he was sure would become his buddies.
The moral of this folktale, of course, is that the world gives back to us what we give out to the world. That's not to say we should pretend that everything's great when in fact I'm going through one of the hardest challenges of my life  But it is true that the more positive you can be, the more smiling puppies you'll have cheering you on. Which in my case couldn't be more true. I have had endless amounts of support. Thank you to everyone who has contributed! I can't tell you how greats its been. Sorry that I just compared you all to dogs. LOL! :)


  1. : ) Your awesome! Your doing GREAT! xoxo Kim

  2. You are just far to amazing. I don't know how you do it, but your attitude is so inspiring. I am so happy I can be a tail wagging happy dog for you!

  3. Totally agree with Siobhan..I dont know how u do it..but am very happy that u are so positive, ur still and will continue to be in our prayers :0) lov ya!!

    P.s. we all need to get together for game night just like we did in the family reunion..