Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slowing Down

Sorry Its been awhile since my last post. It has caught up to me. I felt really really good Day 1, 2 and 3. And then BAAAAAAAM hit me like a brick wall. Took chemo pill on Wed, had my first intravenously chemo on Thurs 9/2 and then the injection to boost white blood cell counts on Friday. I thought I would keep busy with the Cardboard races at Lindys and the Street Dance.
WRONG!!!!!! Well I tried. Saturday morning I didn't feel to bad so I thought I just push myself through it. We decided to go watch the cardboard races up at Lindys and grab some grub. About 5 minutes in the car I changed my mind. It was worse than I thought and it was coming on strong and quickly. I figured once I got there and ate something I'd be fine. I don't even think I tasted my food. I inhaled it. I have been soooooo hungry lately. Its from the steroids. Not to mention I have lost sense of taste :(  Do you have any idea what it is like to be hungry and not be able to satisfy being hungry. Its very weird. I just eat and eat and eat.
So far I have experienced increase and loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, weakness and fatigue, mouth dryness, bleeding and soreness, blackened nails, bone pain, nose bleeds and heartburn that could knock a cow over. The toilet and I have become best buds lately :) I'm thinking since were gonna be such close pals that I should go buy a pink one (toilet) and cover it in swarovski crystals. We might get along a little better that way :)
Got my results back for the BRCA1 BRCA2 and the p53 genetic testing. ALL came back negative. Which means as far as they can tell it is not genetic. I do not have a mutation to either of those genes. Its good in a sense that my kids and or family are not at induced risk. But it leaves me in a gray zone of why this has happened. So they are going to move forward with further genetic testing. We'll see what happens.

I'm going on VACATION!!!!!!!!!! No kids, No phone, No emails, No daily routine.  October 13th. I will be gone for 5-7 days. I will spend most of it in a quiet private room. I'll have 6 star unlimited room service. Can't wait!
This is where I'll be staying!
For those of you who have not figured it out yet. I'm kidding! I'll be having my lung surgery that day. I'll be having a Lingular Sparing Lobectomy by Dr Howington. The surgery will take 2.5 hrs. I will stay 5-7 days in the hospital. I did confirm repeatedly that I WILL be under anesthesia for this. He probably thought I was crazy. After that lung biopsy incident I just wanted to make sure.
My next Chemo is Sept. 23rd which will be followed again with the injection to boost white blood cell count. So two hurdles to get over 9/23 chemo and 10/13 surgery. I can do this!


  1. Mandy, what to say to a friend that i have not seen in years...and then to read ur status. Keep ur head high and never give up! fight,fght, prayers are with you Mandy. Hope all go's well on the 23 for you, and if i find a pink toilet i will send your way!
    xo, Shan

  2. Mandy, I think the pink toilet with svarovski crystals is a GRAND idea... just make sure you miss the crystals on the toilet seat, may cause a whole set of new problems! Seriously though, take it a day at a time and know that there are many, many people out there cheering you on!! It's good to hear you're brave enough to fight the 'dragon' head on!! My brother had testicular cancer and kept running away from it, ignoring it... by the time he decided to fight it... it was almost too late. There was nothing we... could do. He had to find that spark within himself, and I'm glad to hear, you've found it!!! Don't back down!! Stay strong!!
    If there's anything I, or my family can do for you... just pick up the phone!