Friday, September 3, 2010

Chemo Queen!

Today was the "day". I did it! The weirdest thing I felt AMAZING! I was telling Dr. Dragon ( my oncologist) today I haven't felt this good in almost 5 weeks. He explained it was from the steroids and would not last long. Well I'll take it one day at a time I'll take a good day even if it means its just for today! :)

Who goes to get Chemo wearing black heels and dressed to kill? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!. I hope I knocked the pants off my cancer. I'm not going down looking like crap or without a FIGHT! I walked into the the Kellogg Cancer Center this morning glowing. Literally I looked like I had just got back from some awesome Caribbean vacation. AKA a reaction from the steroids. LOL! My doctor said to me Oh Wow you got some sun and I sadly said no woke up with this sun kissed skin this morning. Apparently I got some great beauty sleep. Or maybe it had something to do with the sleeping pill they had me take Whatever! Lets just stick with that I got some great beauty sleep.

 I was there today for almost 5 hrs.  Its 9:01 pm and I"m ready for bed.  I'll finish this up tomorrow.

I'm back....................... So where was I? Oh yeah the 5 hrs of silence. Alot happened to me in those 5 hrs. I was named president and CEO of a major health concern ME!!!!! As they prepared me for my first session of chemo. I realized I was very happy with the team I assembled. I feel I have picked a qualified team of experts. Which will ensure my business success. The Business of getting well and getting back to normal. This is a BIG business! The first thing to remember as Chief Executive Officer is that I'm the BOSS. My staff works for ME! Wooooooo I like the sound of this! But I still have to remember not to be a difficult boss.
Anyway my appointment started with a routine physical/check up. Then to Dr. Dragons office for a explanation on the whole process and my medications. Dr. Dragon is an amazing man! He is very happy  sincere, warm, inviting, informative and encouraging. He treats us as well as I believe he would treat his own spouse or child. Its a great feeling! Oh and his office is soooooo cool. He has dragons everywhere.  We went out to the waiting area just for about 10 min. Right before heading back Dr. Dragon came back out and shared some very nice words with us he said I just want the two of you to know you are very mature and are handling this well. You always come in here smiling.  As he is rubbing the side of my arm and back. It was SO uplifting and really made my day. He wanted us to be comfortable with every aspect of the process and that if we had questions or concerns I could call him anytime. He even gave us his cell number. He may regret that later LOL!

So now to meet my nurse(s). Nurse Bonna. She is a blast very funny full of energy and information.  And Jo! She was absolutely wonderful. She made sure I was comfortable at all times. Kept us stocked up with drinks and goodies. She did a great job of explaining which meds were for what, and what # bag I was on and how many I had to go. I will have Jo as my nurse for my next 3 sessions. I will spend more time with her than anybody else on my team. As she will be administering my chemo, monitoring my blood cells and generally know the details of my treatment. Chances are I'll come to have great affection for her. I cant wait to learn more about her. I guess it couldn't hurt to bring her some candy or cookies as a token of my appreciation. My motto is "Never underestimate the power of chocolate."

Overall my first Chemo session went GREAT!!!! I had all kinds of visitors while I was there. And each one of them was kinder than the last. It made my experience wonderful. Different nurses came in to say Hi. A nutritionist, counselor, lung specialist. Man they got me covered. Not matter what it is I may need I have a point of contact someone assigned to my case. One of the girls gave me a T- shirt. It has a crown on it and it says Chemo Queen. Couldn't be more perfect. My sister and husband where there with me throughout the process. We watched the Proposal. It was a cute movie.

I was able to read a little bit. Its called Any Day with hair is a good hair day. Sooooooooooo true. All the times I've stood in front of the mirror searching for every gray hair I could find and pulling them out. I've been wasting time and feeling unnecessarily upset. Yes, gray hair means we are getting older. SO WHAT? Growing older means were still alive - the very thing I am battling for with everything I have. How many times have I wished for my hair to be a different color or texture, straighter or curlier, thicker or thinner when just having hair is such a blessing! Have you ever stopped to think about what an incredible entity hair is? When it gets wet, it takes almost no time to dry. It keeps you warm without making you hot. When the rest of your body is sweating on a hot day at the beach, chances are your head isn't, even though its covered with thousands of strands of hair. Hair replaces itself, unlike any garment we wear. And it keeps growing for a whole LIFETIME! As you all know I think about this everyday. But I pray I will be reminded- frequently that when push comes to shove, most things we encounter day to day as my Grandma said are "the small stuff." Whats left, like a day with hair, is what makes our day a good one. :)     I attached some pics of my first chemo day!

Dr Dragon
Almost time!
my medication schedule for the next 7 days
Ohweeeeee. Here goes!
Nurse Bonna
Nurse Jo

I'm laughing and theres blood.


  1. Hey Mandy, I was thinking of you yesterday. Glad to see that everything went well. You are a true example of what we can endure when we are left with no other options. Your postive attitude and wonderful support team will see you through this difficult time. You are an inspiration to all of us! I found this quote and thought it was a great reminder for you on those not so great days. "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ~Steven Kloves, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie) Remember to keep your light shining bright. And know that there are many people standing in your corner cheering you on! Call if you need ANYTHING!

  2. Crying my eyes out!!!!! Your attitude is amazing!!!!!!! I am sooooo proud of you for the way you are handeling all of this. I love the idea that you are the CEO and a Chemo Queen, and so tue never underestimate the power of Chocolate! The book you are reading sounds great. Thank you for teaching my yet another lesson on life.

  3. You look gorgeous!!! Never seen that huge smile on your face!..Loving the heels, loving the new hair cut, and loving that your staying soo positive...Your still and will continue to be in our prayers Mandy :) and Yes!..YOU WILL BEAT THIS!!!!!


  4. Mandy that beautiful, positive attitude you have is what makes you so strong and is going to get you through this with flying colors! You do look great (love how short hair looks on you)! You continue to be in our prayers!

    Love Ya,
    The Guajardo Family

  5. Hey Lissett! We miss you guys. So wanting to get away from here and come visit you and your family. Tell the family we say HI!


  6. Mandy
    So glad you have the attitude you do!!! Damn girl you can get thru this and let me tell you that your friends and family will be your right arm as your journey continues, just make sure your not stubborn and accept ANY help they offer. I laugh and cry when I read what your going thru, just know that if I can get thru it anyone can especially with the outlook you have! Once your done with chemo your hair will start to grow back very quickly, mine has and i almost need a haircut!! Just had my last radiation yesterday and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel....focus on that light because it is closer then you think. Have asked my neighbor to put you on her prayer chain because it can't hurt to have as many people on your side and praying for you!! Having wonderful nurses is great, I shared many tears with mine at the radiation center yesterday and will actually miss not going there seeing them every day....remember your nurses and drs are walking right next to you in your journey and will help you kick the cancer in the ass!!!!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you girl!

    Geri (Shannon's mom)