Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have a bad bad bad case of chemo brain seriously!!! I think I should be looking at blonde wigs. I'm really bad. I can't remember anything. I'm so disorganized. I'm dropping stuff all the time. It takes energy just to have a intelligent conversation with someone. So not like me.
My eyes have been watering and twitching a lot. I also have been having blurry vision. I can't believe how much chemo effects your body. I have been talking to other people who are going through this now and they have a lot of the same side effects.

THE HAIR IS DEFINITELY FALLING OUT NOW!!!!!!! Its everywhere on the floor, my bed, my  pillows, my clothes. The other day I was telling Jesse my head hurt. The top of my scalp was bothering me so bad. I wanted him to look at it to see if it was red or had sores. My skin has been very sensitive and breaking out I have bruises all over my legs so I thought maybe I had something on my head to. So hes looking and all of a sudden I hear him say Oh my gosh and then I hear the garbage can close. I turn to see what it was I open the garbage can to find a huge chunk of my hair in there. OH GREAT! LOL! Nice Jesse. I don't need any help with this process. I just need to make it til Tuesday. I am going to have a wig consultation and then I'll need to figure out how I am going to go about this whole shaving my head thing. Its becoming a mess around my house and I don't think I have any other option. Maybe I'll let the kids do it. They would probably have fun with it.

My next Chemo is going to be this Thursday. I can't believe its time already. Lets hope it just keeps flying by like this. Before I know it I will be done with all of this. I'm looking for a pair of HOT HOT heels for my next chemo this week. I think I'm gonna take a trip to DSW today.

Hope Everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Hey mandy :) Nordstrom has alot of cute heels on sale..Hope everything gets better for you <3 ya!


  2. Thanks love! I'll have to go check it out! One can never have to many heels! :)

  3. Dress to kill takes on a new meaning. Dress to kill cancer! Dorky statement I know but I was kinda proud of myself for thinking it LOL! You need some pink heels and have fun shopping.

  4. Siobhan I like it!!!! I'm gonna be using it.