Monday, November 22, 2010

Chemo Queen heads to round 4

My sassy spirits are back thanks to a wonderful thing called Decadron. Its a steroid that does wonders for me for a couple days. I'll crash from it by Wed or Thursday but that's OK. Tomorrow is a busy crazy day for me I gotta run to the office to drop off some contracts, beeline it from there to Evanston to get a chest x ray and follow up with my lung surgeon. From there I gotta head over to Highland Park Hospital for the Neulasta injection. My favorite. I hate that thing! But happy thoughts its not gonna get me this time because I'm not gonna let it!!!!!

So I had round 4 today!!!! Woooooooo I'm dancing barefoot, playing the air guitar in my undies, and singing badly and baldly in the shower. Sorry to those who just got a visual of that (wait til ya see the video of it I attached) YIPEE!!!! 2 more treatments to go. I'm sooooo happy. I'm getting there slowly :)

Today's chemo went pretty well.  I did have a moment of oooooo goodness nausea. I was yelling for Jesse to get me the garbage can. But then..... nothing. Thank goodness. It was very quiet today. Just me and the DH today. Got to relax and read and of course check FB fifty million times :)  This morning was beautiful sunny 61 and then as the day went on the temp stayed the same but we got rain and wind and tornado watches. Ick!

my friend our relationship will soon be over :)

The heels we don't go to chemo without them :)

reading my crazy sexy cancer book

OK we got bored so we though we would see if the green can made my eyes look any greener.

YEAH! I have eyelashes and eyebrows proudly presented to you by MAC the best place EVER!!!
                                                                                I have been trying to make changes to my diet I think I'm doing OK. No caffeine, No Alcohol, No sugar. Lots of fruits, vegetables and lots of fluids. I can have chocolate but it needs to be 70% or more cacao. I haven't been able to find much I did find an 86% Intense dark one made by Ghiradelli but they only had one left. If anybody finds any let me know. This girl CANT live without choc. and yummy green teas with no caffeine.

I have joined a support group called Breast Cancer Org. Its a National discussion board and support group. I have been able to talk to so many wonderful woman all over the world. I even got the opportunity to have lunch with a few of the girls last week at Lindy's. It was so nice to compare, vent, relate, give and get advice. Share our treatments and opinions on how to or how not to. I can't wait for our Illinois Holiday Party where I will get to me lots of breast canser sisters.

Breast canser posse :)
   I know this was a short one but its 11:30 and I'm about ready to fall over. I took two new sleeping pills they must have kicked in. I still gotta get my tea time in before bed. Night night!!!



  1. Thumbs up, Mandy! You are doing wonderfully. About the chocolate- Trader Joe's has a lot of different bars that are 72% or more. I really like their 3 pack of 72% dark- runs about 2.00 for the 3 bars. Have a great Thanksgiving! Your BCO sister- JanClare

  2. Love the heels Mandy!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Happy Thanksgiving from the Lawn's.

  3. JanClare- I'll be visiting Trader Joes very soon. :) Maybe I'll c ya there. Hope you have a wondeful Holiday.

    Judy- Thanks! Same to you. Tell the kids and Family we say HI!!!