Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slowly Slowly Slowly

Its been 13 days since my surgery! I'm getting better very slowly. Its driving me NUTS! I don't have time for this. I'm ready to go and do and my body is just not reading me. I thought it would be nice to have some time to sit and relax and do NOTHING! Once again I was wrong. I'm getting really really crabby. I've only been out of the house once since my surgery. I think cabin fever is setting in.
Me the tv and the couch thing is OVER!!!! I can't drive so its not like i can just get up and go and on the other hand I don't always feel good enough to go do something. Sitting has gotten old. I did make some blankets over the weekend that I will be donating to my cancer center. I also have been doing puzzles. AHHHH I'm turning into a grandma. Making blankets and putting puzzles together?! Whats next bingo and sewing!? LOL So now I know for my next surgery to make a pre- planned visitors schedule. This way I'm not so bored. Who would of thought I'd be complaining about being home alone all day long with no kids and nothing to do. It was nice for about 3 or 4 days.

I've been coughing up a storm. Its normal so long as its productive coughing. Meaning I should be coughing up stuff. I stopped taking the pain meds 4 days ago. The doctor said I would most likely need to take them for about 6 weeks. Egh WRONG!!!! This stuff is really tearing up my stomach. I'd rather be uncomfortable than feel like my stomach is being eaten from the inside out. I get very winded very easily. Just going up my stairs one would think I was having a heart attack by the time I got to the top. I go back for a chest X ray and check up later this week. So we will see how things are going. I go back to Chemo Nov 1. I should be done with chemo middle to end of January.

My husband has really stepped it up. He had to pull out his parental skills while I was in the hospital. I guess the night I had surgery Enrique got sick. He was vomiting, diarrhea, fever. The thought of my husband having to clean that up was absolutely GREAT! Of course I am the one who would normally have to deal with that. That couldn't of happened at a better time. Jesse has been doing laundry, dishes, moping my floors. He gets all the kids up, dressed, feed and off to school. IMAGINE THAT!!! LOL! I knew he was capable of doing this stuff. It just took me loosing all my hair and half  lung. :)
Christian and Mariana have been really great with helping too. Christian made me chocolate covered strawberries the other day. Mariana always is asking me if I need anything. Enrique well Enrique is Enrique.

Yesterday was beautiful outside and was also my birthday. I will celebrate this Birthday along with next years. So its gonna need to be BIG!!! I haven't come up with what yet but it should be something ridiculously random but FUN!!!! Any ideas??

Team Mandy bracelets are still available at Bulldogs Grill and now also at 3 Amigas in Wauconda.

For those of you who have ordered the T shirts they should be in soon. We also will be doing a second order for those who are still interested.

Hope everyone is enjoying this very windy day!


  1. Yeeeii Im glad your feeling better..try doing designs on your nails everyday, or just play with makeup so that your not so bored.. Tommy got me my Team Mandy Bracelet the other day! Yeiii... <3 but now Im interested in getting a shirt..please pass on the info..
    <3 ya! and God bless like always :)


  2. Keep it going Mandy. One day at a time!! Glad to hear your sense of humor. Laughing cures all.

    Lynn Gale

  3. Glad to be able to catch up on here and read about your progress! At least the blankets and puzzles kept your attention for a little while! We got our Tshirts yesterday! Yayyyy!! Everyone was very excited and they are so cute! Mr. B said Oh I didn't realize the pink was glittery! Hee hee Oh well, I know he will wear it well! Love and Hugs Sweetie!

  4. I'm glad to hear your getting bored. That means your doing what your supposed to do ... NOTHING!! I continue to pray for you and a speedy recovery. Next year you and I will have a lot to celebrate, because we will both be CANCER FREE!! I would love to buy one of your t-shirts when you place a second order. let me know.

    Take care!