Monday, October 11, 2010

Round 3

So as most of you know there was no school today. So we decided to make today's chemo a family event. It wasn't to bad. Enrique and Mariana had LOTS of questions. When we first came in they got to pick something from the toy box. They were happy about that. Every time I go I get weighed, they check my temp, blood pressure and do blood work. All was good except I gained 6lbs AHHHHHHHH!!!
I guess I better start eating more like a rabbit. My nurse takes me to my treatment room and today I shared it with someone else. OH boy alls I could think was I hope Enrique behaves. Please let me get out of here with out the kid burping, farting or saying something weird. The nurse was getting everything out laying it all neatly on the tray. Enriques eyes didn't move off of her. He was very interested in what she was doing. She accessed my port and then took 6 things of blood. Another nurse came in to do the nasal swab its part of pre op. Enrique is still watching every move. She finally gets my IV going. The kids are being great. They are keeping them selves busy with coloring. Enrique was sitting right next to the current. I see him peak around the edge of it. He looks back at me with a weird face. The man next to me is blowing his nose and Enrique says loudly whats that noise? Mariana starts asking whats that? Where is it going? How does it do that? Why? Whats it for?  OMG! Can we just have silence for two seconds PLEASE!!!! After a while Enrique got down and came over to see my arm. He's says do you feel better now mommy? 
One nurse took them to check out the snack area, another nurse came to just talk to them she commented on Marianas shirt. She wore her Cancer Sucks shirt. Another nurse brought them back some pink pens and a pink scarf thing. Jesse and Enrique started playing with it to see how many different ways they could use it. Bunch of clowns I tell ya. The poor guy next to me I'm sure was happy when we left.  So after I was done I had to see the Doctor so we had to switch rooms. 
I didn't even have to wait the Doctor was in the room before I was. Enrique thought it was hilarious that his name was Dr. Dragon. He kept saying Dragon. After about 10 times it wasn't funny anymore. So he starts doing the exam. He said if he didn't know that I had those 5 lumps before he'd never believe it now. They are ALL gone! The nipple is also healed. WHOOOOOOOOOO its working! So I'll say this Chemo sucks. But if it sucks the cancer right out of you then"yay chemo!"

Love you all,




I'm not sure what this is.

Bye! See ya next time.


  1. YAY MANDY!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you! The Lumps are all gone? That is just fantastic!!! The kids look adorable and you....amazing as ever!

  2. Mandy - that is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I'm SOOOO
    Happy for you!!!!! Thank GOD for all the prayers, modern medicine, and YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE TO KEEP GOING! XOXO Kim J

  3. Saw Dr. Dragon at work yesterday, probably after you saw him. I told him that I went to high school with Jesse and that you adored him, and apparently he really adores you too!! So glad you're doing good and you look great! Keep it up!

  4. GREAT NEWS Mandi!!! I'm so happy for you. Love the heels by the way. The pics of the kids are great.

  5. Woo Hoo!!!!! Way to kick some ass Mandy! LOOOOOOVE the pictures of Enrique with the scarf. Only you could go to chemo and come back with so many great pictures!