Monday, October 11, 2010


 October used to be full of hay rides, apple picking, Halloween costumes, and more outside fun things in the crisp cool days. But now for me it has been replaced by Pinktober where we are flooded by all things pink. I LOVE IT!!!!

 I was in the grocery store there were so many products with little pink ribbons. I felt like the store was dipped in pink. At the Wauconda Fire Dept Open House a lot of the guys had on Pink shirts. WHS cheerleaders and football players have been sporting the pink ribbon. Bulldogs Youth Football has their boys wearing pink socks. WHS had a pink out at the last home game. The NFL is also using the power of pink. A couple friends have gotten the pink chunk highlight in their hair. PINK PINK PINK!
This is all I can remember but I am sure there is more. I can't wait to see what else I am exposed to during the month. I am sure I will see pink ribbons on EVERYTHING!
 Raise awareness of breast cancer, the most common cancer in the US for women.

GO PINK!!!!!

PLEASE REMEMBER Cancer doesn't only happen in a specific month. Cancer happens year round. People are diagnosed daily with all different kinds of cancer. Cancer awareness is a good thing.  Cancer awareness has reduced cancer from being the C-word to something that is openly talked about.


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