Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little bit of everything

Ok so I thought all of Wauconda would know my story by now. Apparently not!!! This morning Mariana was cheering and I ran into a old friend that I'm friends with on facebook. He says to me Oh yeah I saw this bald lady yesterday and I thought Oh she must have cancer. I said Oh like I do! He said what do you mean you do. And I said Why do you think I'm walking around bald like this? He said Oh I thought you did one of those St. Baldrick Events. OK NOOOOO! I would love to say I was brave enough to shave my head and that I raised tons of money for children with cancer but I didn't.

I'm still getting used to this no hair thing. I think the kids are more OK with it than me. Friday morning I went to pick up this wig I bought it has a hat attached to it. So I sit down she puts it on. I had her cut about 2 inches off of it. It looked good. Were getting ready to leave and Enrique my 3 yr old starts having a HUGE tantrum. He's screaming throwing himself on the floor. He spit his candy out on the ground. He ripped down some posters they had hanging on their wall. I tried to pick him up to calm him down he rips the hat & wig off my head and throws it on the floor. He's screaming I hate it take it off.
Soooooooooo embarrassing!!! I wish I could of crawled in a hole. UGH!

The good days are still out weighing the bad. I've been feeling great. Been helping coach cheer, staying involved with Robert Crown PTO, going to see my queens at events. Ya know keeping busy.
Unfortunately I think this is all gonna change soon. I have chemo on Monday and my surgery on Wed.

I'm soooooo excited November 7th is Dist 118 Fall Fashion Show. Guess who is gonna be one of the models? That's right ME!!!!!  I have something to look forward to for after my surgery. I can't wait! Thank you Robert Crown PTO ladies for thinking of me. I better start practicing my walk. LOL! I better see Team Mandy fans there! If you'd like more info please let me know.

For those of you still interested Bulldogs Grill has plenty of Team Mandy bracelets. Make sure you get yours!! :)

Also those interested in donating a blanket or fleece to make blankets please let me know. I'd like to get working on them asap. With the weather getting cooler I think the cancer patients will really enjoy them. I know I love mine and use it alot!!!

The meals, cards, gifts, thoughts and prayers keep coming!!!! Thank you sooooooo much to everyone. I had no idea I meant this much. It means alot. I have NOT forgotten not one of you. Even if you haven't sent a meal or gift maybe you happened to smile or wave when I needed it most. Keep it coming. The road is about to become very bumpy I think.

Don't forget to schedule your mammogram ladies!!! OH and men(you know who you are) don't forget to schedule your prostate exams. Being proactive with your health is soooooo important. Catching things early is always good!

Hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful weekend. I sure did!!!



  1. I love how you mentioned that Mr. B gave you a hug! He is a very caring person. He will soon be sporting a pink glittery paw print t-shirt as well! I know you are sad about missing all of those things for the kids. However, think about all of the things you will NOT be missing later.........1st day of K for Enrique, 1st date for Mariana, 1st day of driving a car for Chris,.........the list can go on. We are all here for you. I love ya girly!

  2. Mandy! You continue to amaze me everyday! Your postive attitude, your strength....amazing! I think when you are cancer free we have to have a great big celebration!!!! Everything PINK...maybe create a new pink drink named after you! Wearing my Team Mandy bracelet everyday and tell people how courageous and positive you are! I KNOW you WILL BEAT THIS! or should I say KICK CANCER'S ASS!

  3. Hey Mandy, it's Judy Lawn. It was SO good to see you at both of the meetings this week. That is SO great that you will model in the Fall Fashion show. I love that you will have something to look forward to after the surgery. We will all be thinking of you tomorrow and Wednesday. Good luck & speed recovery vibes to you. (((HUGS)))

  4. I agree with Linda, HUGE PARTY.....I'm bringing the music, lights, and the Karaoke! Get ready, cause I'm gonna sing too! Keep on trucking and please let Jamee and me know if we can do anything!!! Need a place to park the kids for an afternoon, a night, a weekend, or a week....doesn't matter, just let us know :)