Friday, August 13, 2010

We're LAUGHING!!!!!

So yesterday we had a lovely ride to Highland Park. I had my CT of the chest done and MRI. Both were painless and easy. Should have the results back sometime tomorrow. We brought the little man with us yesterday he was so good. He made us LAUGH!  After I was done it was about 2:00 and we all were hungry so we went to grab some lunch. I believe it was called the Tracks. It was a cute little sports bar each of the booths had a little tv. So we are being seated and Enrique says look mommy at the naked girls on tv. OH my gosh! I look up and girls volley ball is playing on the tv. Not quite naked but close enough. Our waiter found it to be hilarious as did we. :) I can ALWAYS use a LAUGH!
My insurance denied the PET scan they claim that it is considered to be exploratory. So instead I will have a bone scan and CT of the Abd & pelvis. The whole point of all these tests is just to make I don't have cancer anywhere else. I have a  fun and busy weekend ahead of me. Saturday family reunion and Lakemoor Fireworks - The BEST fireworks ever!!! Sunday is Island Lake corn fest. FREE CORN! Somewhere in between all that I need to go buy school supplies as school starts Wednesday. Nothing like the last minute :)
Monday I have my appointment with the Genetics Dr and Tues I will have my CT of the Abd & pelvis. Hopefully after that I won't need to do anything else and they will give me my surgery date. I'm sure most of you have already figured it out But Jesse and I have decided if we don't laugh about it we'll cry so............. LAUGH it is.
 Don't forget to LAUGH and have a great weekend!

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