Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Honorary Bat Girl contest

MLB is doing a contest to become the 2011 Chicago Cubs Honorary Bat Girl.
I submitted my story. You are judged on public vote and creativity. I was given a 900 character max.
 So Team Mandy I need your help. I need your votes along with asking everyone you know to take a few seconds to vote for me.

This is what I submitted:

  Mandy 4 Cancer 0
  And now the pitch! On 7/29/10 at the age of 30 I had to step up to the plate and take a mighty swing at a curve ball Breast Cancer. Next inning 8/12/10 This time a fast ball Lung Cancer. The bases were loaded. Over the next several innings (aka 9 months). I could hear and see my fans cheering me on. Left lower lung removal and 18 weeks of chemo. Down to my last out (lung collapses) but I got back up and brushed myself off and stood back in the box ready for my next pitch. 2/11/10 bi lateral mastectomy with reconstruction and 5 wks of radiation and...its a Grand Slam! Mandy wins Mandy wins HOLY COW! And the crowd goes WILD! I continue drug therapy as I recover from surgery. When I'm not at bat, I will NOT be sitting in the dugout crying and complaining. I will be standing up and holding my Survivor title proudly. I would be honored to be the Cubs 2011 bat girl. Please vote for me!             
Just go to the website. Sort by team click the drop down box click on cubs. Then find me my story. Then you'll see a buttton that says vote. You'll be asked to verify a code and thats it. Its very easy and takes all of 45 seconds. There is no registering envolved. Please send this to everyone you know.

Much Love

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