Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our little break away before the next BIG hurdle.

So Jess and I decided we would do 2 nights in the Dells. We all just needed a little break. The day before we left Jesse got really really sick. Fever, body aches, coughing the works. But we decided to still go anyway. As horrible as it sounds I had NO sympathy for him what so ever. So we got there early Sunday 1/30/11 and we came back home late on 2/1/11 that was the day it started snowing and we got that HUGE snowstorm. The closer we were getting to home the worse it was getting. What was suppose to be a nice break turned into........... When are these kids going back to school? They were out of school for 6 days between our little trip and the 2 snow days.

Mt Olympus

thata girl rockin PINK

hot tub did not want to get out

my little man

christian come on stop showing off. the group of girls over there are not even looking


yeah buddy!!!!

yep that's my son going down on his tummy.

O icky you need a tan girlfriend.

enjoying the nice big bed at the hotel

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