Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bye Bye Boobies!

My Besties had a bye bye boobie party for me on 1/29/2011. I had not laughed that hard in a long long time. Laughing is the best medicine!!! :)
I never knew one could spend an entire evening talking boobs.
Boobie cupcakes, hooter jokes, boobie word search, putting on bras, popping boobs/ balloons, wine glasses with big boobs, pin the areola (my husbands face) on the boob. The best part was each of us released a pink balloon outside. Each balloon had something written on it. Nausea, pain, canser, hair loss, port, hot flashes etc. It was a great way of letting it ALL GO!! :)


Cup cakes!!!!

popping balloons

pin the areola on the boob

areola was my husbands face.

how many times can you find boobies?

How many bras can we get on Mandy?

Hey how did I get on there? Yep! My wine glass has boobies!

boobie cupcakes. Nice work Siobhan!

Go Team Mandy GO PINK!!!!!

get your balloon

letting it ALL go!

Thank you ladies for a wonderful night! This will forever be a memory and a part of this journey. I will never EVER forget this.

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