Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Cheer!

It is the holiday season with families gathering all over the world to share food, drink, love and more. I wish I loved this time of year and loved the cheer that goes along with it. However, since my diagnosis, I have been more cautious about the cheer that I partake in.

I gave up sugar substitutes and all forms of corn syrup immediately after I was diagnosed and have stuck with that. This makes some of the holiday gatherings more challenging, but doesn't really bother me to not partake in the cookies, candy and pies. (OK, in full disclosure, I do drool over the Starbucks counter looking at the Cranberry Bliss bars which are only available this time of year and I definitely take a second glance at my mother-in-law's goodies!)

I have never been much of a drinker, only drinking in social situations, but I have dropped that completely. I haven't had any alcohol at all since June. Well one a few weeks ago, I couldn't even finish it.  Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a martini or a good glass of wine just as much as anyone else, it just isn't worth the increased risk of a recurrence for me.

Now there is a new study out connecting alcohol consumption with breast cancer recurrences. Studies are only studies and I know scientists can read whatever they would like into them, but this one says that with women who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer that drinking can increase their chances of a recurrence significantly. Since I have been doing everything I can to decrease my chances of a recurrence, I think I will be finding more joy in family and friends and maybe a little less in a glass.

I will make an exception on the alcohol when I throw myself my big Chemo is over party!!!! I think I'm allowed.

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